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The infrared rays and many benefits

Our sun emits a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, among which there are visible light, ultraviolet rays (UV-A and UV-B) and finally the infrared (IR). Infrared rays are also called heat rays. They are not visible to the eyes but are perceived as heat from our skin. Heat the surfaces of objects that affect and not the air around them. So warm our skin and, since they enter up to a depth of 5mm, also our body.  

Health Benefits

  • The infrared radiation emitted by BIORED stimulate blood circulation and combat rheumatism;
  • Does not create air flows thereby avoiding the lifting of dust and mites;
  • The system puts an end to mold and moisture present between the floor, walls and ceiling avoiding harmful temperature differences;
  • The system puts an end to mold and moisture present between the floor, walls and ceiling avoiding harmful temperature differences;
  • Well-being for the human body to avoid the unpleasant feeling of having a hot head and cold feet;[/li] [li]It is noise or odors.


The infrared heat rays of the class-C output from the panels have a positive effect on our well-being:

  • promote blood circulation and metabolism;
  • increase the oxygen concentration of the blood;
  • have a positive effect on transpiration of the skin;
  • promote the detoxification of metabolic wastes;
  • improving the state of health of the cells;
  • accelerate the regeneration of cells.

With the radiant heating, the air is not moved and therefore also the micro powders are not widespread. This is good both for the people who suffer from asthma or other breathing disorders and for all of us.

The walls are heated directly by infrared, so you do not create condensation, the primary cause of mold.   The lower temperature implies a greater uniformity of the ambient temperature since the temperature changes are absent.

Heating traditional discomfort and health risks

LThe circulation of air through the space heating with traditional systems (radiators), raises the powder of the local and transports it in all directions. In getting up, the air heats mainly the upper part of the room, with the consequence that the feet remain cold. He then tries a sense of discomfort that leads to further raise the temperature with an increase in adverse effects. The increase in temperature reduces the natural moisture of the air with negative effects on the respiratory system.

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