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BIORed-infrared heating panels advantages………….

Since prehistoric times, man lived in the caves around a fire to warm, joining the continuing quest to improve the comfort of the environment. Today there are many methods for maintaining high or low temperatures in buildings, based on fundamental laws of physics of heat transfer from a source to a selected location. In buildings, the heat can be transmitted or transferred by convection or radiation. The advantages of hot air systems are a central heat source and the flexibility to direct warm air exactly where desired. Also, such equipment can be easily incorporated in the building’s system. Some disadvantages are: noise, stratification, circulation dust and operation cost, especially in large buildings. Infrared heat solve most of these deficiencies. Heating by infrared heating panels is a futuristic, innovative and economical in terms of energy consumption. Such a system with multiple zones can be created very easily, with a separate thermostat in each room. This can provide significant energy savings by allowing only inhabited areas to be heated, but also because it provides a high thermal comfort at lower air temperatures. Radiant panels are recommended for modernization and restoration activities. Because these panels do not have moving parts such as fans or compressors, they are very quiet and do not require maintenance. It requires no furnace, filters, blowers, pipes or fuel of any kind. Hot air rises. The result is that in a large building, the optimum temperature is at the person level, but very hot near the ceiling. Increased temperature at ceiling level compared to the optimum temperature increases heat loss through the ceiling and likewise the fuel consumption. Large buildings with large door openings raise problems when using traditional heating systems. When the doors are open, most of the indoor air is cleared away. To restore the desired temperature, indoor air must be reheated and then headed down by currents of air power. Radiant heat offer people comfort at low air temperatures, thus realizing savings in comparison with fuel usage. In large buildings such as warehouses, where large doors are common, using infrared heating panels provides a rapid heat recovery and thus less wasted fuel. The advantages of using infrared radiant panels for apartments, houses, commercial: No mess, noise or vibration; No harmful gases; Without pipes; Without air currents; No smell; It is environmentally friendly; Provides comfort at lower air temperature; Economy due to regional thermostats. Without loss of oxygen or humidity. No heat stratification Hygienic, without raising dust (for clinics, hospitals, sterile atmosphere) Walls dry, remove the mold. Recommended by doctors for allergic, asthmatic and rheumatic Features Occupies little space: heating elements flat and compact Larger area: boiler room can be used for other purposes High safety of operation: failures are virtually excluded; it does not require revisions easy way for command and control Precise measure of consumption, that can be continuously controlled Settlement exact consumption, possibly space heating element

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