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BIORed infrared panel have italian design and technology………..

BIORED PANELS   Biored infrared panel have italian design and technology.   Infrared panel are Made in Marche and there are sell in any part of the world with high satisfaction reviews.   Are available on 230V and  110V    Are certified CE.    The infrared panel can  be placed either on the wall or ceiling  or with  floor support.   Can be used as main heating  or as integration existing heating.   It can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the need and the space available.   It’s possible install the panel in the bathroom as towel rail inserting one or more chrome bars.   This heating solution has a surrender near 100% because, all the electricity used is converted into heat and emitted into the room.   The Biored product are:  Alluminum, black glass, white glass or mirror , are equipped with double thermal glass and are made to order in a variety of colors.   The panel  reach 70 ° / 75 ° and in case of contact there is no risk of burns.   There are different colors including the standard, the special and digital prints that  we propose.   Can be customized with colors on request (RAL, Pantone) or digital printing on glass image provided by the client.     Is including in the package the  kit for wall mounting.   Are optional accessories, such as towel rails, ceiling mounting kit, the kit stands in stainless steel, the thermostat to adjust the temperature and the thermostat    

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