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BIORed-What is panel infrared heat………

Heat emanating from the sun, fire, radiator and even from the heated asphalt is infrared heat. Any body emits infrared radiation. Usually it’s not noticed because it’s not so strong and visible as the sunlight. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, especially water vapors, store some of infrared radiation, making life possible on earth. Clouds also captures some of this radiation. Air cools so fast in a night without rain, because of the lack of humidity and clouds and therefore air loses a large amount of infrared radiation into space. Every day we get in touch with this type of infrared radiation as heat. Long wavelength infrared is part of the light emanating from the sun and is not visible to the naked eye, but is felt as heat when it touches the skin. Approximately 3% of solar energy is ultraviolet and short wavelength, 50% is visible component and has average wavelength and 47% of the total energy is long wavelength infrared. Only infrared wavelength supplies Earth’s thermal energy. Infrared radiation heats the body through a process called conversion. By converting heat long wavelength infrared can penetrate organic substances such as human body without heating the surrounding air. You can see a similar effect on cloudy days: when the clouds cover the sun, the body immediately feels a drop in temperature, although ambient air temperature has not been modified yet. Such clouds block the sun’s infrared radiation, which heat up the body. Infrared heating panels, thermal plasmas are a cheaper way of heating than traditional heating systems. Did you know: People can not see infrared light, but there are animals like snakes that have sensors able to make an image based on infrared light. With this ability snakes can detect warm-blooded animals even in the dark.

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