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How it works



The infrared radiation generated in the environment is comparable to natural radiation of the sun.
We all know the pleasant effect of sunlight in a serene winter day we heat the skin. Although the air temperature is low, even below zero degrees, we do not feel cold, but a constant heat and pleasant. They are the rays of the sun, or rather the infrared part of the rays of the sun that warms us. The infrared radiation generated in the environment is comparable to natural radiation of the sun. In fact, the particularity of the heating with infrared technology consists in the fact that to be heated is not air, but the bodies and objects present in the room which, in turn, transmit the accumulated heat to the environment, thus allowing to maintain constant temperature and humidity throughout the room.

Works electrically and is an excellent accompaniment with photovoltaic


Fully recyclable because glass-made


No boiler, pipes, flues, burners, heaters, pumps and valves with a saving of 70% on the cost of the system


No permission to install the system


No cost of designing, building works, maintenance and cleaning


Ability to use the contributions provided by the Law on Energy Saving and building renovation D. Lgs. N ° 83/2012


It does not emit exhaust gases and fine particles from combustion, so it does not pollute




What is infrared?

Our sun emits a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, among which there are visible light, ultraviolet rays (UV-A and UV-B) and infrared (IR) also called heat rays.
They are not visible to the eyes but are perceived as heat from our skin. Heat the surfaces of objects that affect and not the air around them.
So warm our skin and, since they enter up to a depth of 5mm, also our body.

How does infrared heating BIORed works?

BIORed is capable of reproducing the principle always present in the same nature emitting infrared rays of the sun.
These rays have the characteristic of heating surfaces and bodies that affect and not the air around us.
The traditional heating systems instead practice the principle of convection, then the contact transfer of heat from a body of high temperature (radiator) to a body of low temperature (ambient air).


Where is BIORed positioned?

position panels BIORedThe infrared radiant panels can be installed on the wall or ceiling without respecting any ground clearance. To position corresponding refer to the following illustrations.

The infrared radiant panels can be installed both vertically and horizontally.



The walls are heated directly by infrared, so you do not create condensation, the primary cause of mold.

The lower temperature implies a greater uniformity of the ambient temperature since the temperature changes are absent.


The main differences between the traditional system and BIORed

Heats the air confined.
With the circulation of the rest of the room is heated.
You create convective reasons that modify the air unevenly.
So we also have a heat dissipation to all objects and people.
So there is a considerable waste of energy.

Heats objects and people.
No air circulation, SO air is cleaner.
All objects (walls, floors and furniture) are warmer to the touch.
People directly heated by the infrared light.
Heating pleasant at a relatively low temperature.
Energy saving and low power consumption.
No maintenance.
Stop mildew and moisture.


Effects of BIORed

The heaters conventional heat mainly the surrounding air, with consequent high ventilation. The hot air is on the ceiling and the heat will be distributed unevenly.
The infrared heaters with infrared radiation is distributed evenly in the room and absorbed by the objects and walls. This creates a feeling of warmth cozy and comfortable.

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