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The energy savings

The environmental heat obtained from infrared does not need a very high air temperature. It has the same perception of heat at a much lower temperature. Each degree of temperature in less means less energy loss (areazioni, windows, walls) and a reduction of energy costs of 6%. It is reduced to a minimum the loss of heat from the windows: the infrared rays are reflected from the glass; then the panel can be positioned where it makes more and where it has the best decorative effect. Dry walls also mean better insulation to the outside and therefore less energy loss.


Economic benefits

No boiler, pipes, flues, burners, heaters, pumps and valves with a saving of 70% on the cost of the system


No permission to install the system


No cost of designing, building works, maintenance and cleaning


Ability to use the contributions provided by the Law on Energy Saving and building renovation D.Lgs. N ° 83/2012



Tax deductions for heating infrared BIORED

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