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BIORed-The infrared heating…….

Our wall-mounted heating panels heat rooms and objects uniformly and homogeneously. They control and keep relative humidity constant without burn oxygen. They environmentally-friend and in accordance with all European norms,  ideal for domestic and industrial heating, optimizing energy consumption. The panels are made of two joined tempered panes of glass and aluminium between which is a thin film made of high quality materials from carbon technology able to improve the efficience. The film inserted between the Celsius panels is able to emit infrared waves of 8.5 μm with a C-band frequency. This is one of our patented systems. Low temperature infrared on the whole surface. The panels are able to reflect infrared only on a side, and not behind the panel, to avoid  disperse warming on the wall and ambient air is without dust and bacteria. In this way we can use 100% of the heat. Each panel is equipped with an electronic control panel which allows for easy and effective time/temperature programming. Why use Celsius panels: Easy installation: No need for specialised workmen, connected to the normal electric system and can be installed at any time, anywhere. They are ideal for second homes without heating systems, for restructuring and other works, but also it can be installed as a complementary heating on existing heating system to save energy from gas. No maintenance cost: Unlike traditional heating systems, no maintenance is needed and they have a 5-year guarantee. Energy savings: Our studies estimate average energy savings of between 30% and 40%. Thermal comfort: Using infrared radiation as a primary heat source all bodies takes 1-2 degrees more than the actual room temperature. This system also eliminates air stratification or differences between the temperatures of the floor and the ceiling, improving uniform temperature. Aesthetics: The panels are made of a neutral design, but they can be further integrated easily and elegantly with all décor, shaping and screen printing. Functionality: Each panel is equipped with a clever independent control panel for programming times and temperatures depending of  the environmental characteristics. Electrical isolation: All electric contacts are integrated and protected from all external agents by an innovative isolating material,  thus guaranteeing the control panel a minimum protection of IP 54 and the panel a minimum protection of  IP 68.

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