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Heat Furnished

Imagine living in a comfortable and clean environment, where the shape of objects is in harmony with the space and the heat envelops you without polluting the environment. Comes BioRed, the glass panel with infrared radiation powered electrically, elegant shapes and mirror surfaces.

If you have a photovoltaic system ELIMINATE your gas bill, with a traditional system you have a savings of 30%. In addition, by installing appropriate control systems, you can manage electronically panels, optimizing comfort and power consumption of the room.


Economical Purchase
With BIORed “Radiant panels with Infrared rays” save up to 50% compared to conventional heating systems. They are built with the best components obtaining an infrared heater for an unlimited duration.


Easy to install
With BIORed “Radiant panels with Infrared rays” do not require hoses, a power outlet is sufficient. The installation is done with screws to the wall, ceiling or with the aid of optional BioStand Mobile “floor stands”. With its sleek design, with only 2.5 inches thick, allows to integrate seamlessly into any environment.


Comfortable to use
In combination with optional room thermostat, BIORed “Radiant panels with Infrared rays” provides the heat setting according to your needs. Even in a single room, you can create different zones of thermal comfort.


Economical operating
BIORed ” Radiant panels with Infrared rays ” allows you to convert 100% of the energy consumed in a cozy warmth. Heat quickly and accurately – free of charge service and maintenance. The walls remain dry and insulation properties are improved in the long period.


Essential to a comfortable and warm indoor climate.
BIORed ” Radiant panels with Infrared rays ” generates air free of dust and bacteria, preventing the uncomfortable feeling of dry air created by convection heating. The heated walls remain free from mold and the panel operates completely silent. The temperature is evenly spread throughout the room. There are no more cold feet and head warm.


BIORed ” Radiant panels with Infrared rays ” respect environment. The infrared radiant panel BIORed in combination with alternative energy systems “see PV” is a contribution designed to protect resources and the environment. Do not generate polluting particles and do not contain metals (such as lead) or PVC that are harmful to the environment.


BIORed radiant panels with Infrared rays ” has the technology leader in infrared heating distant waves.

Higher rates of efficiency and consume less energy is guaranteed.

BIORed produces for major international customers (originalequipmentmanufacturer, in acronym OEM), literally “original equipment manufacturer” to individual needs, but also standard panels. All panels have in common a carbon graphite only POLYIMIDE panel system, which performs better than the most common electrical conductors used. Our new electrical conductor developed, which is stronger than steel, generates the rate of efficiency as high as possible (about 93%).

With pressed epoxy resin, panels BIORED can reach very high surface temperatures, which give further improvement in terms of energy efficiency and savings. Different from heat generators existing panels that simply use carbon, the panels BIORed using a new concept for the heat generator, because of its safety and exceptional durability and especially for the high efficiency it generates. Until now, due to the difficult processing and technological application, is produced only by a few companies.

BIORed improved existing technology and we are able to offer our new technology at very competitive prices. High efficiency combined with our connection system and patented technology reflector (100% of the infrared products are irradiated in the front) makes possible that only a small percentage of convection heat (only 7%) is produced, which means that all the advantages of infrared heating can be consumed and high heating efficiency is guaranteed. The anodized aluminum frame provides panels with BIORed stability and deformation are impossible. Each panel is equipped with a mounting aid on the back, which allows an easy application vertical or horizontal.

All the mounting portions are included and also a distance of 2 cm from the rear side of the panel to the wall / ceiling is ensured.

Each panel has five safety sensors to protect the panel from overheating. The structure of the panel (the panel both ahead and behind is protected by aluminum plates) guarantees 100% protection PE. BIORed ” Radiant panels with Infrared rays ” are in accordance with CE and TUV GS. The Research Centre SeibersdorfLaboratories has confirmed that a ratio of the radiation BIORed infrared heaters is far below the threshold for international effects of infrared radiation on the skin or eyes. IP44 complies (dustproof and splashproof).

Polymer conductive treatment on the connection of copper and a special design of nano silver bar,
avoid hot spots and sparks, as well as security guarantees even under abnormal conditions or very high surface temperatures.


The use of the epoxy resin at high quality as a cover and the lower layer, give to the panels BIORed a duration very good and no danger of fire. Given that the edges are completely sealed, there is no danger of water infiltrations in the electrical parts (according to the assembly, the highest protection class IP that can be reached is (IPX8). Being very thin (on order from 0.6 mm to 1.4mm), the panels can be installed in almost any location or application.

Our electrically conductive carbon graphite polyamide BIORed ” Radiant panels with Infrared rays ” offers safety and durability as well as high efficiency make the panels BIORed the main infrared heaters on the market. During the manufacturing process, the heat treatment of 1000 to 3,000 C in carbon fiber in name and material subjected to heat treatment than 2,500 C referred to as graphite fiber. The graphite has a higher heat resistance, a feature that makes it compared to other materials, with lower thermal expansion, excellent thermal conductivity and is widely used as a material for generation of heat by electricity. Our special mixing process, which generates different energy consumption according to the applications, appears to have the best efficiency using carbon and graphite at optimum prices.


The energy that transforms the environment

The infrared radiation generated in the environment is comparable to natural radiation of the sun. In fact, the particularity of the heating with infrared technology consists in the fact that to be heated is not air, but the bodies and objects present in the room which, in turn, transmit the accumulated heat to the environment, thus allowing to maintain constant temperature and humidity throughout the room. Furniture, walls, floors, and all the objects in the room will be warmer to the touch and pleasant feeling of warmth “clean” will be perceived by people at relatively lower ensuring considerable energy savings. Unlike a traditional heating system, not occurring any circulation of air, will not form the convective motions that subtract heat to objects and persons, avoiding the lifting of dust, pollen and mite, because very often annoying allergies affecting the respiratory system.


Range of applications

Especially where the installation of expensive heating equipment has to be avoided or is not possible.

If the existing heating system, or are no longer in operation or is running too slowly.

For heating recreational areas targeted individual without having to heat entire rooms.

Wherever the existing heating system is inadequate.


The style that furnishes

The simple and elegant design of the panel infrared BIORed enhances and characterizes the interior.
The sleek and simple design allow to tweak the panel to any environment such as living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, restaurants, shops, offices, showrooms, sacred rooms. Also available in a version with a mirror surface which combines both modern and classic furnishings.


Health Benefits

  • The infrared radiation emitted by BIORed stimulate blood circulation and combat rheumatism;
  • Does not create air flows thereby avoiding the lifting of dust and mites;
  • The system puts an end to mold and moisture present between the floor, walls and ceiling avoiding harmful temperature differences;
  • It does not emit exhaust gases and fine particles from combustion, so it does not pollute;
  • Well-being for the human body to avoid the unpleasant feeling of having a hot head and cold feet;
  • It is noise or odors.


Effects of BIORed

The heaters conventional heat mainly the surrounding air, with consequent high ventilation. The hot air is on the ceiling and the heat will be distributed unevenly.
The infrared heaters with infrared radiation is distributed evenly in the room and absorbed by the objects and walls. This creates a feeling of warmth cozy and comfortable.



Ecological benefits for the environment

  • Not emit particulate matter;
  • It does not emit electromagnetic radiation harmful;
  • Low fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions;
  • Works electrically and is great to combine with photovoltaic systems;
  • Totally recyclable because glass.


Eeconomic Benefits

  • No boiler, pipes, flues, burners, heaters, pumps and valves with a saving of 70% on the cost of the system;
  • No permission to install the system;
  • No cost of designing, building works, maintenance and cleaning;
  • Ability to use the contributions provided by the Law on Energy Saving and building renovation D.Lgs. N° 83/2012.





BIORed Range

All standard panels are finished and ready to use, plug-ins and work. All instructions and tools are included (mounting possible in 5 minutes). All panels are rated for 110 V and 230 V.


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